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Troop VA-2907 Leadership

Core Committee

Father Keith O'Hare

Senior Ministry Leader (SML)


Father Gregory Thompson  
Troop Ministry Liaison (TML), Chaplain

Bob Sander
Committee Chair


Matt Spierenburg
Troop Master

Vanessa Taja


Kirstin Deimel

Membership Chair

CJ Howard

Religious Activities Coordinator

Lyndsey Valentine


Woodland Trails Troop Leaders

fox patrol.png

Flying Foxes -

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Scott Anderson - Lead Trail Guide


Hawks - 2nd Grade

Steven Valentine - Lead Trail Guide

Erik Holm - Assistant Trail Guide

Hawks - 3rd Grade

Steven Clement - Lead Trail Guide

Mountain Lions  1- 4th-5th Grade

Matt North - Lead Trail Guide 

Sam Massey -  Lead Trail Guide

Navigators Troop Leaders


Navigators - 6th-8th Grade

JR Deimel - Lead Trail Guide

Brad Davis - Assistant Trail Guide

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