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Join Trail Life Troop VA-2907

Joining Trail Life is a 3-step process.

1. Registering with Trail Life USA

  • Once the website appears, please enter your zip code and you will see several Trail Life icons.

  • Click on the icon that brings you to "VA-2907 St. Louis Parish."

  • Enter the requested information in the field (i.e. first name, last name, email, phone, and zip code). 

  • This will generate an email to Matt Spierenburg and Bob Sander so they can invite you to join Trail Life and register for an account at

  • After creating a trailifeconnect account, you will then be able to register yourself as a Parent (free) and your son ($30.70 for the year).

2. Registering with Troop VA-2907

3. Purchasing the required uniform

Before registering, please review the 2022-2023 registration fees below. 

*No boy will be turned away for financial reasons or inability to pay Annual Troop Dues. If you are facing a financial hardship and want to be a member of Trail Life Troop VA-2907, please contact the Troop Committee Chair at to confidentially discuss your specific situation.

The following is a breakdown of initial and annual costs.  Please note these costs are subject to change annually.*



Youth Fee

  • $30.70 (annual) Membership Registration – Paid directly to Trail Life USA by family each year per trailman.

Adult Volunteer Registration

  • $35 (annual) Membership Registration – Paid directly to Trail Life USA by adult volunteers each year.



Annual Registration Fee (Per Trailman)

  • $65 Registration Fee (Troop Dues) -- includes Trail Life t-shirt (used for special events where uniforms are not needed), shoulder loops, handbook, and Troop patch.

Periodic Costs (Per Trailman)

  • $68 (plus tax/shipping) Uniform purchase (shirt, lanyard, and hat as needed) -- see the uniform page for requirements.


Troop Dues

The Troop Board annually determines the amount of dues to be assessed each Trailman to operate a Troop budget. This budget includes badges, Patrol supplies, camping gear, crafts and other supplies, and general office supplies.


*Additional charges vary based on activity.

Become An Adult Leader and Volunteer

If you're interested in becoming an Adult Leader and Volunteer within Troop VA-2907, which we hope you will, please email Matt Spierenburg and Bob Sander at


They will send you an additional email with additional requirements.

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